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Friday, July 08, 2005


Facelets has been going great. I'm getting lots of great remarks and help from the community. Again, thanks to everyone!

Now that I have a JSF 1.1 compliant version available that can work with MyFaces too, I'm going to concentrate on putting together a 'dashboard' demo application for Facelets to show off some of the features.

Truthfully, I think it will be somewhat difficult to do a proper demo application since Facelets is just a ViewHandler for building trees of JSF Components. So demo'ing an inputSecret component with Facelets really isn't that big of a deal. I'm hoping to also put together some components of my own, but I'm unsure if it makes sense to release them under Facelets when they could be used with JSP or whatever. In any case, I think Adam Winer from Oracle's ADF group was going to start looking at ADF and Facelet integration this weekend.

I will be extending the templating functionality of Facelets too. Currently templating works off of a parent->child relationship. Meaning templating only works one level deep. Soon you will be able to nest templates 5 or 6 layers deep to specify complex layouts. Think of it as extending an Object 3 levels deep and being able to override any method, except we are talking about parts of a document.

Anyways, I'm off to Milwaukee, WI this weekend-- should be a blast, hopefully I don't get hurt :-)


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