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Friday, October 01, 2004

Impendence Mismatch

Companies today are divided between two religions-- monotheism and deism. The monotheists' development is dictated by a single, powerful god (Microsoft, BEA, IBM, etc). The deists believe there is a single god, but it doesn't dictate their daily life at all and are free to make decisions openly (decide on Hibernate, OJB, Struts, JSF, etc).

Which religion does your company follow and is one religion better than the other?

In either religion, to exist, your software has to be reliable and adaptable. How will your company respond to changes when the going gets tough who will it praise or blame? It is god(s)' fault or your fault?

With monotheism, lets say your god (BEA) tells you that it's going to handle servlet filters a certain way? I have no choice but comply and pepper my code with unatural changes because that's the way our world works with our god.

With deism, lets say you've chosen a way of persistening, and have done it that way for years. The next year, you and your company pick up and decide to persist elsewhere. The result is that you start to only depend on each other in life, building walls in order to protect your company where ever you land.

To favor both religions, I should point out that both situations can easily apply to the other religion, but are natural for the opposite religion. Monotheists, accept any change that their god creates because they know their god will guide them through it. The deists have the freedom to pick and choose the way they live their lives and can be as standard or non-standard as they please.

Where you get into trouble in life is when you and others in your company have different religions they follow. Brash deists are always looking for new/innovative ways of living their lives but can be cut short when put in a monotheists environment (wanting to use JSP 2.0 features on Weblogic). Monotheists can easily get lost in a deist environment without their god (their Application tookits won't work in the real world).

This impendence mismatch will cause you problems at almost every step of your life and everyone needs to be on board with one religion or the other. The question again is, which religion do you choose?

I have to argue that both are okay.