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Wednesday, September 22, 2004

Java or .Net

I'm writing this entry while reading a book titled "C# for Java Developers".

Java is cool, but I'm tired of having to learn 5 different ways of doing one thing. Not only playing a guessing game of possible solutions, but once picking a solution, books tell you to wrap the solution up in a facade, adding more complexity to your application.

That's not to say that patterns are patterns, in any language, but with .Net you are left with the confidence of a strong single leader, Microsoft. Sun and Java, on the other hand, is led by commitee. Smart people are tossing API's out there left and right that are nothing more than ideas-- J2EE for example. Again, I'm left with picking a vendor/solution for every "idea" they throw out there.

With Microsoft, things are pretty much set in stone via the tools they provide. This is how .Net handles MVC, this is how .Net handles Database access, this is how .Net cooks a turkey.

I would feel more confident know that our implementation was written on a single standard versus constantly wondering if we made the right pick of persistent frameworks a month after finishing a project.


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